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Dragonfly R1 Wireless Mouse

Dragonfly R1 Wireless Mouse

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šŸ–±ļø Elevate your gaming and office experience with the VGN VXE Dragonfly R1 Wireless Mouse! Engineered for precision and performance, this cutting-edge gaming mouse features advanced technology and ergonomic design to enhance your gaming sessions and productivity tasks. With its PAW3395 sensor, Nordic 52840 chipset, 2KHz polling rate, and Smart Speed X low delay technology, it delivers lightning-fast responsiveness and accuracy for smooth and immersive gameplay or efficient office work.

Key Features:

šŸŽ® Precision Sensor Technology:

  • Equipped with the PAW3395 sensor, renowned for its high precision and sensitivity, providing accurate tracking and responsive cursor movement for optimal gaming performance.

šŸš€ Low Latency Gaming:

  • Powered by the Nordic 52840 chipset and Smart Speed X low delay technology, offering ultra-low latency and high-speed transmission for swift response times and seamless gameplay.

āš” High Polling Rate:

  • Boasts a 2KHz polling rate, delivering rapid data transmission between the mouse and your computer, ensuring minimal input lag and smooth cursor movement, even during intense gaming sessions.

šŸŽÆ Adjustable DPI Settings:

  • Customize your gaming experience with adjustable DPI settings, allowing you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the mouse to suit your preferences and gaming style.

šŸ”„ Ergonomic Design:

  • Designed for comfort and durability, featuring an ergonomic shape and textured surface for a secure grip and fatigue-free gaming or work sessions, even during extended use.

šŸŒˆ Customizable RGB Lighting:

  • Personalize your gaming setup with customizable RGB lighting effects, offering a spectrum of vibrant colors and dynamic lighting patterns to match your mood or gaming environment.

šŸ”’ Durable Construction:

  • Built to withstand the rigors of gaming, with high-quality materials and construction that ensure long-lasting durability and performance.

šŸ”Œ Wireless Connectivity:

  • Enjoy the freedom of wireless gaming with reliable 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, providing stable and interference-free connection for uninterrupted gameplay or work.

šŸ–±ļø Programmable Buttons:

  • Configure the mouse buttons to your liking with programmable button assignments, allowing you to assign custom commands or macros for enhanced gaming efficiency.


šŸŽ® Enhanced Gaming Performance: Experience smoother and more responsive gaming with high-precision sensor technology and low-latency wireless connectivity.

āš” Fast and Accurate Tracking: Enjoy precise cursor movement and rapid response times for improved aiming and gameplay performance.

šŸš€ Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive edge in gaming with customizable DPI settings and programmable buttons for personalized control and performance.

šŸ”„ Immersive RGB Lighting: Create a dynamic gaming atmosphere with customizable RGB lighting effects that enhance your gaming setup and style.

šŸ”’ Reliable Wireless Connection: Enjoy the convenience of wireless gaming without sacrificing performance, thanks to stable and interference-free wireless connectivity.

šŸ”Œ Versatile Use: Ideal for gaming, office work, or everyday computing tasks, offering versatile performance and functionality for various applications.

How to Use:

  1. Connect the Receiver: Plug the wireless receiver into an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Power On the Mouse: Turn on the mouse using the power switch located on the bottom of the mouse.
  3. Pair the Mouse: Press the pairing button on the mouse and hold it for a few seconds until the mouse and receiver pair successfully.
  4. Customize Settings: Install any required software or drivers to customize button assignments, DPI settings, and RGB lighting effects, if available.
  5. Enjoy Gaming or Work: Once paired and customized, start using the mouse for gaming, office work, or other computing tasks.


  • Gaming: Achieve peak gaming performance with precise tracking, low-latency response times, and customizable controls.
  • Office Work: Increase productivity and efficiency with smooth cursor movement, ergonomic design, and customizable button assignments.
  • Everyday Computing: Use the mouse for everyday computing tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and multimedia consumption.

Enhance your gaming prowess and productivity with the VGN VXE Dragonfly R1 Wireless Mouse. With its advanced sensor technology, low-latency wireless connectivity, and ergonomic design, it's the perfect companion for gamers and office users alike. Elevate your gaming and work experience today! šŸŽ®šŸš€āœØ

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